One Foot In Front Of The Other


“If nothing changes – nothing changes” – Courtney C. Stevens. 

Stacey hadn’t taken a class yet at Orangetheory (OT); however, she knew that she needed a change and something new in her fitness routine, which would challenge her. She wanted to be pushed out of her comfort zone.

Her friend, Kirsten (another OT member), told her to check out Orangetheory telling her that she’ll get “hooked.” She remembered walking through the studio doors with a class in session and couldn’t believe what she saw. “It blew my mind the amount of people from all age groups who were in class,” said Stacey. After sitting and chatting with Persia, a fitness consultant at the time, she decided to take a trial class.

Kirsten & Stacey
Kirsten and Stacey giving an “air high-five.”

The day finally arrived for her first class. She felt nervous and excited as she arrived to see many members waiting in the hallway. Shay coached Stacey’s first class supporting her by telling her “she could do it.”

“I would not be where I am today with running if it weren’t for the treadmill, coaches and fellow OTF members. They have pushed me out of my comfort zone 100 percent.”

When she hopped onto the treadmill, she saw many others running on either side of her. At this point, she couldn’t run and decided to power walk – this would eventually change.

As class drew to a close, Stacey said, “I was dripping in sweat and by the time the class was over I had asked myself, ‘where do I sign up?’”


Stacey has shown her devotion in improving herself since day one. She began by going to class two to three times per week progressing to five or six times per week. She also takes two classes a day at least once a week. Her motivation to constantly train shows her commitment to be better than the day before.

“I have had times that I want to give up and quit and then a coach or staff member will look at me and say, ‘you got this – you are worth it.’ That, to me, shows they care and they want to help us live our healthiest lives.”

When she started her fitness journey at OT, her goals were to stick with the workouts and not give up. She has diligently maintained these goals for three years now putting one foot in front of the other. Stacey’s training helped her hit a major milestone – to be able to run. She said, “I would not be where I am today with running if it weren’t for the treadmill, coaches and fellow OTF members. They have pushed me out of my comfort zone 100 percent.”


Stacey has reached and maintained her goals, but now has a new one. She wants to run more than just 5Ks. She wants to go further…a half or full marathon is on the horizon.

Orangetheory along with many other businesses have closed due to COVID-19. Stacey has dealt with this obstacle by running inside and outside, lifting weights and doing the in-home Orangetheory workouts.  She has remained connected with the community through social media seeing what everyone has been doing to stay motivated.


One of the best things about Orangetheory that Stacey likes is the ability to hit any studio nation wide – a major perk of membership. However, the biggest aspect she loves is the coaches and staff. She becomes emotional when she thinks about it. “I have had times that I want to give up and quit and then a coach or staff member will look at me and say, ‘you got this – you are worth it.’ That, to me, shows they care and they want to help us live our healthiest lives,” said Stacey.


In addition, the OT community at Orenco Station is one big family. She loves how everyone comes together to build each other up. Everyone helps each other to be better by developing a bond among the members.

Orangetheory offers an experience unlike any other workout regimen. It’s not just a workout but also a way of life. The classes will push you to your brink and more to where you thought your mind and body couldn’t go. She said, “When you are hooked, you will bleed orange…The coaches will push you right when you’re about to give up to help you reach your goals.”

Keep Burning Stacey!


Seeking Familiarity


Keith came to Orangetheory (OT) knowing what HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) was all about. He consistently worked out three to five times weekly at various gyms for nearly 10 years and discovered the benefits of HIIT. Keith joined a small group, which did HIIT and he noticed the dramatic changes in mind and body.

After the training with the group ended, he researched online what he could do to continue the same type of training. All roads led to Orangetheory.

“It is clear to me that OTF helped me get through that part of my life in the best way possible, with friends, coaches, and a kick a** workout every time.”

Keith took his first class with Coach Conner in July of 2018. “My first class was great – hard, but I pushed myself. Coach Conner had to tell me to slow down because I was in the red and that my heart rate was far too high. I loved the first class and the challenge of it,” he said. Keith described the coaches’ instruction, attitude, and encouragement as “over the top.”

250 club

As an avid fan of OT, he joined the 250 Club within 14 months averaging five classes per week. Keith has a busy schedule running three companies and has duties as the chair of the board for the Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce. The indispensable regular workouts provide him with energy and a positive sense of self, which are needed for all of his responsibilities.


Prior to Orangetheory, Keith developed cancer in 2017. After three months of healing, his motivation to keep his health at an optimal level was at an all time high. Training often at OT Orenco Station has helped him reach his goal of having the kind of body and health he wanted. Sadly, his wife also became very sick that year (passing away in 2019). “It is clear to me that OTF helped me get through that part of my life in the best way possible, with friends, coaches, and a kick a** workout every time,” said Keith.

“I am in the best shape of my life, lowest weight, lowest body fat in more than 30 years and I’ll be 60 years old this April.”

When he started OT, Keith had goals of working out three or four times a week and incorporating a clean diet. He said, “I make and eat good clean food most of the time for lunches and I have a yummy protein shake for breakfasts. I knew my body would respond if I stayed on this path and it has worked for me.” Keith’s goals now are to maintain this routine by working out every-other-day and to run some 5K races with some great OT friends in the future.


He reached a major milestone in his health when he recently had a full-body checkup. All the tests results came back good. “I am in the best shape of my life, lowest weight, lowest body fat in more than 30 years and I’ll be 60 years old this April,” said Keith.

Orangetheory offers so many different reasons why one would love the classes. Keith loves taking ESP (Endurance, Strength, Power) classes but enjoys them all because they’re never the same. The classes offered at Orenco Station give him a wide variety of times to attend with his hectic schedule. In addition, the classes give him energy throughout the day and leave him sleeping like a baby at night.

Crandell holeinone

danti at deangelos
Keith buying his new car from Dante (OT member).

Although there are so many benefits from taking classes at Orangetheory, it’s the community he enjoys most. The unexpected benefits Keith has experienced are creating lifelong friends, meeting other business owners, and receiving referrals due to his association with OT.



“We all are there for the same thing – our health. The kind of culture when a group like this gets together is so special – encouraging, uplifting and exhilarating. The coaches are ‘A plus’ individuals and top-notch at what they do. The entire OTF experience wouldn’t be what it is if the staff wasn’t supporting all of us. And besides having a sparkling facility, the friendly greetings and helpful attitude from the second one walks through the door makes the place absolutely shine.”

Keith loves the entire package that is Orangetheory Orenco Station. The community is unlike any he has experienced within a fitness studio culture. The relationships made bring about a camaraderie shared both inside and outside of the studio. The positive attitude of everyone – especially the coaches’ encouragement – is invaluable as that motivation moves into everyone’s daily work and play lives.

He has never looked or felt this good and OT helps him be the best version of himself daily. Keep Burning Keith!

Worth the Drive


To get the results that you want in fitness, all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other and commit to the process. For Eryn, all it took for her was to walk through the studio doors of Orangetheory (OT).

Like so many others before, Eryn worked out by herself at a gym. Her normal routine consisted of 50 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of weights on the machines. She felt lost with no direction and never knew what to do. Not seeing the results she wanted, she took a new approach.

I felt empowered and so excited to come back.”

Eryn heard about OT and couldn’t wait to try it. In the fall of 2017, she took a tour at the OT studio in West Linn. The coaches and front counter staff made her feel welcomed. She then joined the Orangetheory nation.

However, her time there didn’t last long. She cancelled her membership and moved to Vernonia in February. The closest studio she could go to was Orenco Station. Her hiatus from OT was short lived.

A few months later, she rejoined at Orenco Station. She knew the value of it and how Orangetheory gave her the results she wanted. She said, “I was nervous to join a new studio but after one class I knew that the hour drive was worth it no matter how crazy my family thought I was for driving so far. I have taken classes at a number of studios but the environment at Orenco Station is something special. The staff is one of a kind…they truly care about all members and are there for you no matter what.”


She recalls taking her first class during Hell Week, which is not for the faint of heart. Although she felt terrified at first, the fear eventually went away and after class she never felt better. “I felt empowered and so excited to come back,” she said.

Two and a half years later, Orangetheory has not only helped her lose fat and gain muscle, but also accomplish things she never thought possible. Eryn said, “In 2019 I was able to run eight half marathons and finished my very first full marathon. OTF is like no other. I always feel supported and motivated by my peers.”

The things, which motivate her and keep her coming back are the constant results. Her body continues to evolve and transform. She recently gained a new personal record (PR) on the weight room floor. She lifted weights that she never thought she could lift and last month she ran her fastest mile ever.


Photo courtesy of Eryn Palo.

“OTF has not only transformed my body, but also has helped transform my mind. I have never been more confident in my abilities in the gym, but also in my personal life I have the strength to make positive changes. I know that with some hard work and consistency I can do anything. I mean, I ran 26.2 miles last year – there is nothing that I can’t do.”

She enjoys turning on the treadmill and pushing herself on endurance days. Strength days prove difficult for her, but she never misses a strength day because she knows she needs to work on this the most. “I have goals to gain more muscle and the amazing coaches have helped me get closer to this goal each week. Another benefit of OTF is the workouts, which are never the same; so even after so many classes, I never get bored. They always keep us on our toes,” said Eryn.


Her friends and family ask what it is about Orangetheory that keeps her coming back? One word– community. Last year was hard for her. She struggled with mental health issues causing a brief disappearance, but she never felt alone. Her OT family reached out to her to make sure she was okay.

This past Thanksgiving, her crazy Orangtheory Run Squad talked her into doing a 90-minute class and following it up by crushing a 5K race together. Eryn said, “Holidays are meant to be spent with family and I am so grateful I was surrounded by my OTF family this Thanksgiving. That has to be the thing that I love most – the family that I have gained.”

They supported her every step of the way. When she felt ready to come back, she felt as if she didn’t miss a day. She has created lifelong friends at Orenco Station and feels grateful. During the Dri-Tri last year, Persia asked her, “Remember where you were five years ago? Look at where you are now!” This brought her to tears when she came so close to slowing down during the workout. Persia gave her the motivation she needed to keep going.

OT has helped her stay accountable and has given her the strength to improve many things in her life. Eryn feels much stronger mentally and physically.

Keep Burning Eryn!

Keeping Him Accountable


Fitness for people is either on or off for periods of time. Rahul would have times where he was on point with eating healthy and working our regularly. Then, there would be points where he binge ate and wouldn’t work out at all. His weight would fluctuate and he wanted to put an end to it.

Luckily for Rahul, he was training for a triathlon on his own. After he completed his triathlon, he joined Orangetheory (OT) at Orenco Station in September of 2018 and has consistently attended three to four classes on a weekly basis. His goals prior to OT were to be mindful of his day, eat healthy and lose weight.

“I like endurance training because it makes me come out of my comfort zone.”

The thing that motivates Rahul to come to class often is the accountability. “I take the morning classes usually and that keeps a check on my eating habits through out the day. If I cannot make it to the morning class, I sign up for the evening class and watch my eating again so that I can have a good workout in the evening,” he said. Orangetheory has helped him avoid the on-and-off again cycles he experienced in the past. He now has a goal of lowering his body mass index (BMI), which is appropriate for him.


When Rahul first started his fitness routine at Orenco, running at a speed of 10 miles per hour for 30 seconds proved difficult for him. He has now reached a milestone and can run at 12 miles per hour for 45 seconds and a for minute on a good day. The type of class that he likes the most is an endurance class. Rahul said, “I like endurance training because it makes me come out of my comfort zone.”

He likes taking group fitness classes because of the motivation behind it especially the partner workouts pushing him to work harder. The record tracker is another motivator for him too because it’s a way for him to focus on setting new personal records (PRs).


One of the things he likes about classes are the coaches. Rahul likes it especially when they call out your name and knowing they are watching you. “It makes we work even harder,” he said. The staff is great too; they always accommodate him when he’s on the waitlist.

All in all, he loves the coaches, camaraderie and the accountability Orangetheory gives. Keep Burning Rahul!










Escaping Groundhog’s Day

Angie James.jpg

Many who’ve worked out on their own tend to get into a routine doing the same things over and over again when hitting the gym. This was no different for Angie who had gym memberships at various places after completing college. A mother of three boys, she gained some extra weight and lost some strength and stamina in the process.

No matter how much she went to the gym, she couldn’t seem to lose the weight. She found herself having to talk herself into going. When she went, she’d do the same things as she did previously with no results. She said, “My fitness routine was like the movie Groundhog’s Day. I was frustrated with myself and wanted to make a change, but didn’t know how.”

“I leave every class drenched in sweat, out of breath, and feeling tired and energized all at the same time!”

However, one day that all changed for her. Her husband boldly brought Angie to her first Orangetheory (OT) class at Orenco Station on Valentine’s Day. “I was very nervous because I knew it was a group fitness class, and I have always felt intimidated in any group fitness class I have ever taken. I almost didn’t go, but he convinced me to just give it a try. So, I did and the rest is history,” said Angie.


She remembers taking her first class feeling intimidated and assumed being self-conscious not intending to sign up for a membership. By the end of class, she knew she found what she was looking for. Angie felt pushed, challenged and encouraged. She said, “By the end of that class, I was tired, drenched in sweat, and knew I hadn’t experienced a workout like that in over 10 years.”

Going to class helps her be the best version of herself. Her commitment to working out regularly helps her relieve stress while transforming herself into a physically, mentally and emotionally stronger person.

“I am a mom of three young and busy boys, am a special education teacher, and have a husband who travels frequently. My days are filled to the brim with endless to-dos so my time at OTF is often the only ‘me’ time I get each week. As Coach Kim always mentions, ‘It is the one hour of your day where you can focus on you,’ and I try to take full advantage of that. As busy as my days and nights are, I know how important it is for me to get my workouts in, and I find myself looking forward to the next workout the minute the last one ends.” 

Angie James_2.jpg

Angie’s main goal when she started OT was to get back to her weight prior to having children. With the help of great coaching, exercise nutrition and an extra boost from the Transformation Challenge, she lost 15 pounds and has gone down a couple of sizes in her clothes. She achieved this by making healthy and sustainable life changes.

She continues to work on more goals in several areas. Angie wants to attend four to five classes per week staying consistent. She wants to reduce a little more body fat now that the studio has the InBody scanner, which will help monitor her metrics.

Performance wise, she wants to increase her base and push paces breaking the range of six to eight miles per hour and lift heavier on the floor. Eventually, she wants to run a race in 2020 never having signed up for one her entire life.


Angie reached a milestone back in March of 2019 by winning the Transformation Challenge by losing seven percent body fat. She attributes her success by also using a food-tracking app helping with her nutrition. She recently turned 40 and hasn’t been in this great of shape since her days in high school.

A great thing about Orangetheory is how no two classes are the same and they never get any easier. Angie said, “I leave every class drenched in sweat, out of breath, and feeling tired and energized all at the same time!” The coaches and staff are genuinely vested in the members wanting to see them be the best versions of themselves.

She loves how OT is truly for everyone regardless of who they are especially for those starting their fitness journey. Along the way, she has had her mom, sister, a few co-workers, and some of her best friends join Orangetheory.

Angie James_3.jpg

The community at Orenco always has her coming back for more because of its encouraging, fun and supportive environment. She can always count on seeing smiles and familiar faces when walking into the studio. There’s a sense of togetherness for that hour especially when the workout is extra tough.

Angie knows that Orangetheory has helped her become the best version of herself. She always feels challenged to push herself a little harder and to give a little more than the previous day. Angie also loves that the challenges are almost always to not be better than your neighbor, but to be better than you were previously.

“I am just so grateful that my husband signed me up for that first class almost three years ago, and so grateful that I was brave enough to just give it a try.  Because I was willing to step out of my comfort zone and take a risk, my life changed for the better,” said Angie.

Keep burning Angie!

Rediscovering a Past Joy


Sometimes a hobby that you enjoy doing can get stale and stagnant. This certainly was the case for Dante who weight lifted and worked out for nine years where it became boring for him. He eventually fell out of love when it came to working out in general.

He heard of Orangetheory (OT), but didn’t know much about it until he decided to take a class and saw what it was all about. He said, “The first class was a butt kicking in the best way possible! It was like an awakening. I felt great, but also felt challenged in a way I hadn’t in a long time.”

Members train at the studio often whether it’s to decompress from the day or to train for a half marathon. Dante comes in frequently because of the way it makes him feel. He feels motivated after taking class. “I know that I’m going to battle in that room, and I know that when it’s over, that will be the hardest part of my day. Everything else is a breeze after that,” he said.

“I’ve never been a strong distance runner and I’ve managed to improve every time.”



When Dante started his new fitness regimen at OT, he wanted to get into better shape overall. He wanted to improve his cardio because he couldn’t run for distance and he wanted to strengthen his core. He now works on simply improving himself by getting stronger, having better balance and continuing to work on his cardio.

“I’m a glutton for punishment. I love feeling like I got my butt handed to me and Orangetheory absolutely does that.”

Dante has improved his time on the mile run, which was a milestone for him. “I’ve never been a strong distance runner and I’ve managed to improve every time,” said Dante. He now looks to step up his rowing game and improve his rowing skills.



Everyone has their reasons for what they like about classes. Dante loves the challenge of OT and how loud and fun the music energizes the atmosphere in the studio. He also adds how amazing the coaches bring something different to the table challenging and pushing him while having fun. “I’m a glutton for punishment. I love feeling like I got my butt handed to me and Orangetheory absolutely does that,” he said.

Finally, the community at Orenco Station brings everything together for him. He loves seeing other members challenge themselves and getting out of their comfort zones high-fiving each other.

Keep Burning Dante!






New Beginnings

Heather Deibert_1.jpg

When something ends it’s the start of something fresh and new. For Heather, moving to Orenco Station from Gresham marked a new chapter in her life. She moved to Hillsboro because of a divorce and to shorten her commute to work.

Heather took a walk around Orenco Station one day and saw that Orangetheory (OT) Orenco Station was in the process of pre-sales drawing people in to learn more about it. Although the studio at Orenco wasn’t open yet, she took it upon herself to take a class in Tigard. Immediately after taking her first class, she went back to Orenco and Heather said, “I just finished my first workout…that was amazing…sign me up!” Three years late – the rest is history.

“I have truly never felt better about myself and fulfilled in life.”

She recalls her first class as nerve wrecking not knowing anyone, feeling that she’d be lost, and that she couldn’t finish a 60-minute class feeling out of shape. However, as she walked though the door of the studio with the music pumping and receiving a high-five from the coach her nerves died down and she thought to herself, “OK I got this – let’s do this!” Standing next to her on the treadmill, the coach inspired her by pushing her to run 0.1 mile faster. “I felt so good after that class and was instantly addicted,” said Heather.

Heather Deibert_2.jpg

Heather hated how she looked and felt at the time. Knowing that she wanted to get back into the dating world after her divorce, she had goals of working out three to four times a week to have more energy and to develop a better nutrition plan. She also had to stop eating at Jack In the Box and McDonald’s, which didn’t help her cause.

Since training at OT, she ran her first marathon last year and plans to run another one in 2020 as her next goal. Heather started with a base pace of 5 mph, push pace of 5.5 mph and an all-out of 6 mph. Her base, push and all-out are now 6.5, 8 and 10 mph respectively with an occasional 12 mph all-out. She wanted to stay consistent with her workouts while continuing to push herself in every class.

“I have made so many new friends since joining OTF, it is truly more then just coming in for a workout. I love the energy this community brings and the high fives and the encouraging words of ‘push through it, you’ve got this!’”

Heather Deibert_3.jpg

Heather had lost 13 pounds and had gained a heap load of confidence since joining Orangetheory. With all that built up confidence, she checked off two items on her bucket-list by competing in her first pageant winning the title of Miss Oregon for America and completing her first marathon. She said, “I have truly never felt better about myself and fulfilled in life.”

The things that motivate her to train as much as she does are the community feel, coaches and variety of workouts. Heather said, “I love that it’s never the same workout and every time I come, it’s a butt kicker and I leave feeling stronger.” She loves ESP classes because it offers different challenges with elements of inclines, heavy weights and all-outs. Every one knows that classes are difficult day-in and day-out. The coaches’ encouragement and support help her power through those demanding classes.

Like many other members, Orangetheory at Orenco has become her second family and it has helped her believe in herself and to love herself more. “I have made so many new friends since joining OTF, it is truly more then just coming in for a workout. I love the energy this community brings and the high fives and the encouraging words of ‘push through it, you’ve got this!’” said Heather.

Keep Burning Heather!

A Reason For Change

Jesse Slick_1.jpg

Change is never easy and sometimes a life-altering event forces one to start. Jesse has always had a large body his entire life and in 2012 he hit a critical mass. In a routine visit with his doctor, Jesse learned that he was two points away from having diabetes. The news scared him.

At that stage in his life, Jesse’s poor eating habits led him down a path of internal destruction with his health. He had 40 percent body fat and couldn’t bend down to tie his shoes – it was bad. He said, “I remember not being able to sit comfortably in a chair or wear clothing that fit. I was tired of being unhappy and unhealthy.”

Jesse decided to take a proactive stance in changing his health with his nutrition. He stopped eating dairy and gluten all together. Then he began to reshape his body composition in phases.

“I have changed the way I eat and now I am intentional about fueling my body for my workouts, my recovery and mind. I feel great about my food choices for the first time ever in my life.”

Jesse Slick_2.jpg

He started by losing 100 pounds, which took him three years to shed the weight. Although he lost the weight, he didn’t maintain the weight since he didn’t know how. He took two steps forward and one step back.

In 2015 he married his wife and became comfortable and complacent. Even though he stopped eating dairy and gluten, he would always find ways to eat food that wasn’t good for him. His poor eating habits slowly crept back into his life.

Fast-forward to this year, Jesse welcomed his son into the world igniting his third phase in his body composition change. I have changed the way I eat and now I am intentional about fueling my body for my workouts, my recovery and mind. I feel great about my food choices for the first time ever in my life,” said Jesse.


Jesse felt that dieting and all things related to food have consumed much of his life. He decided that he’s finished being a prisoner to his poor food choices. He wants his son to love life and to not have issues with food. As a result of Jesse’s change, he hopes to pass on his positive relationship with food to his son.

Nutrition plays a large role in changing one’s body internally. The other piece Jesse needed was the external component in the form of a workout. He took his first Orangetheory class at the Cedar Mill location at the beginning of the year. Five months later, he took another class at Orenco Station and signed up.

“I’m being intentional about my incline walking on the treadmill as well as lifting heavier on the floor. I’m putting on muscle rapidly and losing body fat monthly.”

Jesse said, “Both clubs were awesome and had a competitive atmosphere but Orenco felt alive, full of energy and enthusiasm. It was contagious…Shout-out to our coaches who bring the noise every day especially at 5 a.m. OTF provides the workouts so I don’t have to. I just show up and ball out.”

Jesse Slick_3.jpg

He works out six days a week at the studio and has Coach Chris as his mentor. Coach Chris has helped Jesse individualize his workouts within the classes he takes. “I’m being intentional about my incline walking on the treadmill as well as lifting heavier on the floor. I’m putting on muscle rapidly and losing body fat monthly,” said Jesse. Coach Persia once told him to try Orangetheory for 90 days. He’s happy to report that he has completed 88 workouts in his first three months.  

Jesse enjoys the variety of classes because each class is something new. He especially enjoys strength and power classes. But, his favorite class to take is when it’s a tornado workout. He said, “I love all the splat points I get going back and forth from treads to rowers and the movement in between rows. The quick transitions only add to the competitiveness that already exists.” In addition, he loves how each coach brings their unique way of coaching and the music they play.

He also loves how the staff at the front always makes him feel welcomed because of their friendliness and kindness. Jesse has committed himself to the process and he thinks it’s safe to say that he’ll stick around to see all the continued benefits of  the Orangetheory life at Orenco Station. He iterates that he has long-term fitness goals and is happy that he gets to put in the work along with all the other members at the studio.

Keep Burning Jesse!





Skies the Limit

Susan D.jpg

Many members of Orangetheory (OT) find out about it in various ways. For the most part, potential members learn about it via social media and by walking by the studio at Orenco. However, Susan learned about OT from her friends who raved about it.

Susan heard positive feedback about OT and wanted to see what the hype was all about. She and her husband came by the studio while it was under construction to learn more about Orangetheory. Not seeing results she wanted at different gyms, she took a leap of faith and signed up as a founding member.

“I am amazed at where I am at in my physical training. I have pushed myself to the point where I didn’t think I could go any further and have exceeded it.”

The day finally arrived when she took her first class with Coach Shay as her instructor. “I burned over 500 calories and got about 50 splat points. I felt like I had a real sense of accomplishment. And, a bonus –  it didn’t kill me!” said Susan.

Susan before OTF.jpg

Before starting her fitness journey at Orenco, Susan had one goal – to see positive results. Slowly, yet surely, she has definitely seen the results she was looking for. Susan’s new goal is to attend class at least four times a week and to push herself harder each time.

Working in the travel industry, she knows how difficult working out can be flying to different cities and countries. She said, “I’m a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines and travel very regularly, so to achieve my goal, I attend classes in other countries and cities. OTF gives me that opportunity. I have attended classes in Utah, Georgia, Arkansas, California, Minnesota, Canada, and England.”

Susan D_3.jpg

Susan started as a power walker and can now run a mile in less than nine minutes and rowed 2,000 meters in 8:05. In addition, she has finished in the top three in her age group for most of the benchmark challenges. She accomplished these milestones through her determination, motivation by the coaches, and by the encouragement of other members.

She feels accomplished every time she completes a class. Susan said, “I am amazed at where I am at in my physical training. I have pushed myself to the point where I didn’t think I could go any further and have exceeded it.” Susan likes endurance days the most challenging her to see how far she can run, row and lift.

The things she loves the most are the friendships that she has established with other members, staff and coaches. She and her husband moved to Hillsboro five and a half years ago and due to her job, she hadn’t formed many friendships. However, Orangetheory changed that for her where she has made more friends. Her workout buddy, Rebecca, has helped Susan master the art of rowing when she takes the 6 a.m. class.

Susan D_2.jpg

Orangetheory continues to push her farther than she dreamed possible, which she loves the most. Susan has even convinced her daughter and son to join and is trying to get her husband to try a class spreading the OT love.

Since December, she has pushed herself to work harder and has lost almost 50 pounds since joining. She knows that Orangetheory will keep her on track and continue to push her to be the best version of herself.

Keep Burning Susan!

Continuous Goals

Jared Roth_1.jpg

Persistence pays off and that’s why so many members at Orangetheory (OT) see positive results quickly. Jared exemplifies his commitment and desire to reach his fitness goals every time he comes to the studio. You’ll see Jared and Ann, his wife, taking classes at 6 a.m. nearly every weekday morning.

Jared wanted a fresh approach to a fitness routine, which included training support in a community environment – he came to the right place! He saw an OT Orenco Station sign and researched what Orangetheory was all about. He found what he was looking for. Both he and Ann signed up as founding members and couldn’t wait for the studio to open.

“I am maintaining my weight while increasing muscle mass and my blood pressure is in a low and healthy range.”

He was excited for his first class but had doubts about the unknown. Jared wasn’t sure if he could do the workout, or if he could keep up and wasn’t sure how he would feel with his heart rate on the TV screen. “By the end of the first class I was totally in. This was what I was looking for. A great workout informed by science created by professional trainers and facilitated by excellent coaches,” said Jared.

Jared had the goals of simply becoming physically fit and more flexible prior to starting Orangetheory. He worked on speed and lifting heavier in his first year and weight loss his second year. Now in his third year at OT, he has focused on weight maintenance, getting faster and stronger.

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The regular training that produces results motivates Jared to come in on a frequent basis. He feels the transformation in his body and his soul rejuvenated. Jared also enjoys connecting with all his new OT friends in class.

In his first two years at the studio, Jared dropped 50 pounds! He said, “I am maintaining my weight while increasing muscle mass and my blood pressure is in a low and healthy range.” Jared tracks his daily caloric burn and intake striving for monthly goals by increasing his speed by 0.2 mph on the treadmill, watt output by five on the rower and weight on the floor. He’s now working on running an eight-minute mile by the end of the year and continually working on his flexibility.

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Every time he comes to the studio, he’s always impressed with the OT Orenco Station team and happy with community at the studio. The staff welcomes him with smiles, gives encouragement in class and takes interests in his and his wife’s lives. Jared always looks forward to the 6 a.m. class.

“Our coaches are extraordinary. I have had personal training and the OTF coaches are the most informed, motivating, and encouraging professionals that I ever had. Each has their distinct personality, flavor, and each brings the highest standard of coaching direction. The staff is warm and engaging, welcoming and helpful solving any challenge I bring to them for assistance.”

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Orangetheory Orenco Station accelerates success towards his physical goals in a beautiful and professional studio with carefully designed workouts directed by great coaches. He’s definitely a fan to say the least.

Keep Burning Jared!