A Game Changer


The early bird gets the worm. Lindsay has consistently attended early morning classes at Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) Orenco Station since she started her membership in May. She mainly attends the early morning classes that some of us would rather skip and sleep in. Her commitment to attending classes has helped her reach her fitness goals.

Before joining the OTF family, she carried extra weight and needed help to achieve a healthier life. She wanted to build strength and endurance to enjoy the outdoor activities she loved with less pain.

“I powered through it and came right back feeling much better. I certainly felt accomplished!”


Luckily her friend and co-worker, Todd who also attends OTF Orenco Station, invited her to try a class at the studio. This is exactly what she needed – getting plugged into a fitness community of like-minded people. “It’s been such a game changer for me!” and she describes OTF in one word as innovative.

Lindsay recalls her first workout going all out to the point of getting sick in the restroom half way through the class. However, she had a determination of completing the class, which she did. She said, “I powered through it and came right back feeling much better. I certainly felt accomplished!”

Since her start, she has lost 25 pounds alone by going to classes and a total of 40 pounds since she started her fitness journey. Lindsay now has goals of toning up, improving on her performance and pushing herself to do more.

Lindsay before and after

The coaches at the studio and an independent health coach have attributed to Lindsay’s success and reaching her milestone. She recently decided to coach others as an independent health coach encouraging and supporting others towards reaching their fitness goals – paying it forward.

“I’m so thankful for OTF and what it’s done to help transform my health.”

Everyone has their favorite type of class but she likes them all. She said, “All of them are great, honestly. Any day at OTF is a good one.” The things she likes most about OTF Orenco Station are the coaches and the staff because of their energy, positivity, encouragement, and how they lead by example. She’s amazed by how everyone knows her name. “They’re great at connecting on a personal level and are the reason why I’ll be a lifer at OTF,” said Lindsay.

Lindsay loves the accountability the studio provides because the classes, which she schedules keeps her on track by showing up to class. In addition, the community of the OTF family keeps her connected, which always has her coming back. “I’m so thankful for OTF and what it’s done to help transform my health.” 

Keep Burning Lindsay!

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