Continuous Goals

Jared Roth_1.jpg

Persistence pays off and that’s why so many members at Orangetheory (OT) see positive results quickly. Jared exemplifies his commitment and desire to reach his fitness goals every time he comes to the studio. You’ll see Jared and Ann, his wife, taking classes at 6 a.m. nearly every weekday morning.

Jared wanted a fresh approach to a fitness routine, which included training support in a community environment – he came to the right place! He saw an OT Orenco Station sign and researched what Orangetheory was all about. He found what he was looking for. Both he and Ann signed up as founding members and couldn’t wait for the studio to open.

“I am maintaining my weight while increasing muscle mass and my blood pressure is in a low and healthy range.”

He was excited for his first class but had doubts about the unknown. Jared wasn’t sure if he could do the workout, or if he could keep up and wasn’t sure how he would feel with his heart rate on the TV screen. “By the end of the first class I was totally in. This was what I was looking for. A great workout informed by science created by professional trainers and facilitated by excellent coaches,” said Jared.

Jared had the goals of simply becoming physically fit and more flexible prior to starting Orangetheory. He worked on speed and lifting heavier in his first year and weight loss his second year. Now in his third year at OT, he has focused on weight maintenance, getting faster and stronger.

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The regular training that produces results motivates Jared to come in on a frequent basis. He feels the transformation in his body and his soul rejuvenated. Jared also enjoys connecting with all his new OT friends in class.

In his first two years at the studio, Jared dropped 50 pounds! He said, “I am maintaining my weight while increasing muscle mass and my blood pressure is in a low and healthy range.” Jared tracks his daily caloric burn and intake striving for monthly goals by increasing his speed by 0.2 mph on the treadmill, watt output by five on the rower and weight on the floor. He’s now working on running an eight-minute mile by the end of the year and continually working on his flexibility.

Jared Roth_4

Every time he comes to the studio, he’s always impressed with the OT Orenco Station team and happy with community at the studio. The staff welcomes him with smiles, gives encouragement in class and takes interests in his and his wife’s lives. Jared always looks forward to the 6 a.m. class.

“Our coaches are extraordinary. I have had personal training and the OTF coaches are the most informed, motivating, and encouraging professionals that I ever had. Each has their distinct personality, flavor, and each brings the highest standard of coaching direction. The staff is warm and engaging, welcoming and helpful solving any challenge I bring to them for assistance.”

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Orangetheory Orenco Station accelerates success towards his physical goals in a beautiful and professional studio with carefully designed workouts directed by great coaches. He’s definitely a fan to say the least.

Keep Burning Jared!








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