Skies the Limit

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Many members of Orangetheory (OT) find out about it in various ways. For the most part, potential members learn about it via social media and by walking by the studio at Orenco. However, Susan learned about OT from her friends who raved about it.

Susan heard positive feedback about OT and wanted to see what the hype was all about. She and her husband came by the studio while it was under construction to learn more about Orangetheory. Not seeing results she wanted at different gyms, she took a leap of faith and signed up as a founding member.

“I am amazed at where I am at in my physical training. I have pushed myself to the point where I didn’t think I could go any further and have exceeded it.”

The day finally arrived when she took her first class with Coach Shay as her instructor. “I burned over 500 calories and got about 50 splat points. I felt like I had a real sense of accomplishment. And, a bonus –  it didn’t kill me!” said Susan.

Susan before OTF.jpg

Before starting her fitness journey at Orenco, Susan had one goal – to see positive results. Slowly, yet surely, she has definitely seen the results she was looking for. Susan’s new goal is to attend class at least four times a week and to push herself harder each time.

Working in the travel industry, she knows how difficult working out can be flying to different cities and countries. She said, “I’m a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines and travel very regularly, so to achieve my goal, I attend classes in other countries and cities. OTF gives me that opportunity. I have attended classes in Utah, Georgia, Arkansas, California, Minnesota, Canada, and England.”

Susan D_3.jpg

Susan started as a power walker and can now run a mile in less than nine minutes and rowed 2,000 meters in 8:05. In addition, she has finished in the top three in her age group for most of the benchmark challenges. She accomplished these milestones through her determination, motivation by the coaches, and by the encouragement of other members.

She feels accomplished every time she completes a class. Susan said, “I am amazed at where I am at in my physical training. I have pushed myself to the point where I didn’t think I could go any further and have exceeded it.” Susan likes endurance days the most challenging her to see how far she can run, row and lift.

The things she loves the most are the friendships that she has established with other members, staff and coaches. She and her husband moved to Hillsboro five and a half years ago and due to her job, she hadn’t formed many friendships. However, Orangetheory changed that for her where she has made more friends. Her workout buddy, Rebecca, has helped Susan master the art of rowing when she takes the 6 a.m. class.

Susan D_2.jpg

Orangetheory continues to push her farther than she dreamed possible, which she loves the most. Susan has even convinced her daughter and son to join and is trying to get her husband to try a class spreading the OT love.

Since December, she has pushed herself to work harder and has lost almost 50 pounds since joining. She knows that Orangetheory will keep her on track and continue to push her to be the best version of herself.

Keep Burning Susan!

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