About Orangetheory Fitness Orenco Station

We, at Orangetheory Fitness Orenco Station, want to help you towards your fitness journey and healthy lifestyle change. We know that getting there is not easy but arriving there will be worth its weight in gold.

The staff, whether it’s the fitness consultants, coaches, management, or owners, has a commitment to the members in giving the best experience possible while having a fun and productive hour at the studio.

We’ve built a community here, which supports and nurtures one another in attaining fitness goals and changing lives.

About the Orangetheory Fitness workout

OTF inforgraphic

Orangetheory Fitness (www.orangetheoryfitness.com) is the scientifically designed, one-of-a-kind group personal training, interval fitness concept that is sweeping the nation. Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), Orangetheory Fitness is a 60-minute workout broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training. Participants burn an average of 500+ total calories per 60-minute training session (individual results vary). Led by highly skilled coaches, each Orangetheory Fitness workout incorporates endurance, strength and power elements through a variety of equipment including treadmills, rowing machines, TRX® suspension training and free weights.

The physiology behind the Orangetheory Fitness workout involves heart-rate-monitored training designed to keep heart rates in a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy. The result is the Orange Effect – more energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn for up to 36 hours post- workout.

Orangetheory Fitness studios are designed to motivate. Highly qualified coaches inspire participants to beat plateaus and stick to their goals. The dynamic created by working out in a group setting has proven benefits – support, energy, endurance and accountability. This is the psychology behind Orangetheory Fitness. Each modern studio welcomes members and guests with upbeat music, state-of-the-art equipment, contemporary lighting and art. Studios are spacious and clean, with separate men’s and women’s locker rooms and showers.