Getting Back On Track

Jon Deleonardo

Humans are creatures of habit and it takes nearly 21 days to form a habit. Jon who won the 2019 Transformation Challenge developed a routine and habit leading to his success in and out of the studio. Prior to joining Orangetheory (OT), he and his wife took group training interval classes and stopped going for a while. Once the studio opened at Orenco Station, they joined to get back on track with group interval training.

“I love the intensity and it’s a great reset to any stress going on in my life.”

Jon recalls his first class at the studio as tough but his body felt good from the workout. He felt his body waking up again to an intense heart rate work out, working recovery and strength training. “I was never a runner before joining OTF but I found the cardio work on the tread to closely mirror some of the interval training and hill repeats that we used to do on the bike,” said Jon.

Jon Deleonardo
Jon prior to taking classes at Orangetheory.

Before taking classes at OT, Jon gained some weight and wanted to lose some of it. He also wanted to get back into his previous fitness form. The results, convenient class times, absolute dedication, passion, support from the coaches and staff motivates him to come often. Jon said, “I love the intensity and it’s a great reset to any stress going on in my life.”

Jon Deleonardo_2

Since joining OT, he hit a major milestone winning the 2019 Transformation Challenge for the men getting down to 169 pounds and losing 5.5 percent body fat in the eight weeks. He went to classes about five days per week and sometimes more. Jon knew to listen to his body and forced himself to hold back and have a “green day” if he felt sore.

“I’ve never changed my diet and lifestyle habits to match how much time I put into fitness activities and gym routine. I would generally eat and drink whatever I wanted thinking that the workout calories I burned allowed me to do so. I think that the real secret is ‘you can’t outrun your bad diet.’ I was also one of the folks that swore off recreational beer and alcohol for the challenge. The results have been so good. I’m happy to report still being booze free and committed to healthy eating.”

A key part to Jon’s success has come from his wife’s unwavering support to not only  meet his goals, but more importantly to reach their goals together. Jon said, “Lifestyle habit and diet changes, which are essential to OTF results cannot occur in a vacuum…Forming our team and supporting each other has had some great effects to reinforce training schedules, diets, and habits that we can both stick to.”

He also ran his first half marathon in April having never ran in any event or distance on the road before in life. He was happy to beat his goal of under 2 hours and finished in 1 hour and 48 minutes. Jon has goals of continuing with the habits that have led him to successful results, attending classes regularly, and to run one half marathon a month during the summer and possibly run Hood to Coast.

Jon Deleonardo_3

Jon likes how the Orenco Station community has a positive vibe and how everyone supports one another. These are some of the building blocks, which make the studio a great place for everyone – thank you for being part of it.

Keep Burning Jon!

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