Keeping Him Accountable


Fitness for people is either on or off for periods of time. Rahul would have times where he was on point with eating healthy and working our regularly. Then, there would be points where he binge ate and wouldn’t work out at all. His weight would fluctuate and he wanted to put an end to it.

Luckily for Rahul, he was training for a triathlon on his own. After he completed his triathlon, he joined Orangetheory (OT) at Orenco Station in September of 2018 and has consistently attended three to four classes on a weekly basis. His goals prior to OT were to be mindful of his day, eat healthy and lose weight.

“I like endurance training because it makes me come out of my comfort zone.”

The thing that motivates Rahul to come to class often is the accountability. “I take the morning classes usually and that keeps a check on my eating habits through out the day. If I cannot make it to the morning class, I sign up for the evening class and watch my eating again so that I can have a good workout in the evening,” he said. Orangetheory has helped him avoid the on-and-off again cycles he experienced in the past. He now has a goal of lowering his body mass index (BMI), which is appropriate for him.


When Rahul first started his fitness routine at Orenco, running at a speed of 10 miles per hour for 30 seconds proved difficult for him. He has now reached a milestone and can run at 12 miles per hour for 45 seconds and a for minute on a good day. The type of class that he likes the most is an endurance class. Rahul said, “I like endurance training because it makes me come out of my comfort zone.”

He likes taking group fitness classes because of the motivation behind it especially the partner workouts pushing him to work harder. The record tracker is another motivator for him too because it’s a way for him to focus on setting new personal records (PRs).


One of the things he likes about classes are the coaches. Rahul likes it especially when they call out your name and knowing they are watching you. “It makes we work even harder,” he said. The staff is great too; they always accommodate him when he’s on the waitlist.

All in all, he loves the coaches, camaraderie and the accountability Orangetheory gives. Keep Burning Rahul!










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